Our Team:

Rosanne Roraback, Executive Director

Ms. Roraback is passionate about assisting international students through the often challenging path of seeking an education abroad. She has genuine admiration for her students’ talent, determination, hard work, and courage. She also has deep appreciation for parents who make great sacrifices to send their child abroad for educational opportunities. She has a son herself, and understands from her own experience that providing a child with educational opportunity is the most important priority of any parent.

Ms. Roraback’s understanding of international students’ experiences and their parents’ concerns about sending them into a foreign culture and society is rooted in nearly 25 years of direct experience.

She began her professional life as a career counselor, and within a few years became an advisor to international students. She eventually became the director of an International Student and Scholars office in Chicago at DePaul University. In this leadership position she oversaw a staff of ten, and supervised the provision of individualized advising services to more than 1,500 students from over 100 countries. She also developed orientation programs to help students learn how to succeed in the U.S. academic environment, make American friends, increase personal safety, and make professional connections in the U.S. job market.

Ms. Roraback offers her students and their parents an insider’s understanding of the American educational system, culture, and career environment. She also shares her extensive professional network with her students and their parents. She actively maintains friendships with many of her former students, who are now successful professionals all over the globe. Ms. Roraback completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at Michigan State University, with highest academic honors. She has travelled widely in Asia and Europe, and truly believes in the academic, professional, and personal benefits of studying abroad.




Fuja’s Executive Director, Rosanne Roraback, has more than 25 years of experience guiding foreign students from around the world.