I met Rosanne on my first day of graduate school at the international student's orientation. I happened to start talking to her and within a few minutes I realized the depth of knowledge she had. She immediately understood some of my basic cultural challenges in succeeding in the U.S.  Instantly, she was able to provide me with advice and eventually this advice worked to help me succeed. The point is that she is so expert in her field of international, cross-cultural advising, that her advice was instantaneous and accurate.

Later, she offered to review my resume and was able to recruit and hire me at DePaul university in her department she worked as the Director of the Office for International Students and Scholars.   For the next two years I was working with her and she was a great mentor.  I learned more professionally from her in 2 years than I had learned in my previous 4 years of work experience. She guided me through the nuances of U.S. work culture and ethics. Today, I use her guidelines every day at my work.
Towards the end of my Masters degree and at the beginning of my job search, Rosanne took me under her wings and guided me from resume preparation to job search techniques along with interview skills.
I cannot thank Rosanne enough for her guidance, which led me to two U.S. job offers in just a few weeks of searching.  Having received two job offers at the same time, I was extremely confused as to which one was the better one for me to accept. 

Rosanne was the only person who helped me make that decision.  She taught me negotiation skills and helped me understand what factors I should consider in order to accept the best job offer for my long-term future career success.  She also coached me about how to handle the employer's questions during the interview about the fact that I needed company sponsorship for an H-1B visa.  To summarize, Rosanne has been and still is a great mentor with years and years of experience and great amount of knowledge about how to succeed in the U.S."


Anup Bhandari
Logistics Systems Analyst
Medline Industries, Chicago area
M.S. Information Systems, DePaul University, 201

Anup Bandhari