Ever since I met Rosanne seven years ago as a Freshman in college, she has been one of my greatest advocates in both my college and career journeys. She’s become one of the people I trust the most whenever I need academic, career, or even life advice! Rosanne’s expertise in both the educational and immigration fields has always impressed me. It’s been an honor to have her as one of my advisors, because there isn’t a better mentor anyone could hope for!

Rosanne is also one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met – her main goal is always to help others and to see people succeed, even if doing so inconveniences her!  Rosanne was the first person to offer me a part-time job in the United States, which ended up being the beginning of a successful professional journey for me.  When it was time for me to explore different career opportunities, she was one of my greatest supporters: she even wrote recommendation letters to potential employers without me having to ask her to do so!

Even though we both enjoyed working with each other, Rosanne knew it would be best for my career to move on to something else, and therefore went out of her way to make sure I would find another opportunity that would help me succeed.  And it worked!  She helped me find a job at the university in their Internal Audit office.  This first college job working for Rosanne ended up opening the doors for many other great career opportunities for me, both on and off campus.

Only a year and a half after the start of my employment for Rosanne I received an internship offer from Deloitte LLP, one of the four largest international professional services firms.  This led to a full-time position in their Audit practice.  This is something hard to achieve for a U.S. citizen, and even harder for a foreign student.   I know I couldn’t have done it without Rosanne’s help!

When I moved from Western Europe to the United States nine years ago, right before the start of my junior year in high school, it was a struggle to get an understanding of the U.S. immigration law, the American culture, and the American education system. 

I wish I had known Rosanne back then, because I know that her advice and guidance would have been invaluable and would have made my experience in the United States those first few years a lot more enjoyable and meaningful.  I would highly recommend Rosanne to any foreign student, because I can’t think of someone who’s more passionate, knowledgeable, and capable of helping foreign students succeed in the United States! 


Annelies Van Thillo
Senior Auditor at Reyes Holdings
Senior Auditor at Deloitte (past)
B.S. Accounting, DePaul University, 2010

Anneliese Van Thillo