"I'm an international student from China. I met Rosanne at a student event, and since then Rosanne became an irreplaceable mentor who guided me through my study abroad experience.

She helped me with understand American culture and improving English language proficiency. She provided me with job-hunting tips and interview skills and helped to polish my resume again and again, which really touched me. I am so impressed by Rosanne's professionalism and I know she has mentored scores of international students. She really likes her students, always listens to their needs and makes efforts to fulfill their demand.

Nowadays, Rosanne is a good friend of mine, and she is the one I can always go for help. I admire her integrity and like her personality. She is the person who makes me feel confident about living and studying in the United States independently. I think my words just can't fully express my gratitude for what she has given me.”

Li Lingjun
Master’s Degree in Marketing, DePaul University, 2013


Li Lingjun