I met Mrs. Rosanne Roraback when she hired me to work for her in the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) at DePaul University, where she was the Director. I have never see any professor or school staff who cares as much about international students as Rosanne. She is extremely friendly, kind, and patient. She cares deeply about her students, so she teaches us at orientation how to protect ourselves from crime in the city. She also helps us learn more about American cultural life, how to make friends and professional connections with Americans, and how to prepare ourselves for a bright academic and professional future.

I still vividly remember Rosanne gave us an important explanation at orientation about how to choose a safe place to live, and how to avoid crime while living in a big city in the U.S. She knows our parents are worried about our safety, and she does everything she can to train us on how to avoid any problems, especially for girls. She tells us if anyone bothers us, we should make noise to be sure other people come to our assistance.

Rosanne told us many valuable safety tips, how to be "street smart," and to assertively say "No, I'm not interested," when strangers approach us on the bus or train. Unfortunately, this happens to many international students, especially girls. Often strangers bother us, especially when we are new. She understands that international students know nothing about the big cities in the U.S. We are especially at risk for being victims of crime because criminals know we are newcomers.

Fortunately there is something we can do to reduce the risk of being hurt. Rosanne is the person right there to tell you how and help you go through. She cares about her every student in a deep level. She shares with us the knowledge of the American social system, culture, communication skills and why people behave as the way they do. With all this knowledge, we are ready to step into American society safely, comfortably, and confidently.

She is committed deeply to her work, and always put students’ safety and success before anything else. She never hesitates to spend her time talking with students, understanding their difficulties and helping them overcome any obstacles to their success. If they have any problem, she works closely with them until their problems are solved. I am so glad to meet Rosanne in OISS and appreciate all the extremely valuable good advice she has shared and all she has done for me.


Shan Lu
Master's in Finance, DePaul Unversity, 2013


Shan Lu