I have lived abroad in the U.S. for undergraduate and graduate studies. During that time, I had to learn hard lessons from my own experience. I learned that many things are different in the U.S. from what we imagined when we are back in China. Due to the huge difference in U.S. and Chinese cultures, knowledge necessary to succeed here cannot be found online or from casual conversations.

I have talked to many other Chinese students about their experience in the U.S. They regret that they picked the wrong major, got into the wrong school, or made the wrong friends. Those mistakes often waste 4 years or more of students' lives and have very negative effects on their futures.

However, those mistakes are actual preventable. I personally think that every student who plans to study in the U.S. should have a professional "future planner" like Ms. Roraback. She gave me great help regarding my career planning and graduate MBA program applications. I really, really wish I met Ms. Roraback earlier. Then I would not have had so much trouble exploring the path by myself.

I could have avoided mistakes that cost me lots of time and money because I did not understand the American system or plan far enough ahead about choosing a major and finding a job. Without expert guidance like Ms. Roraback's in the admission to school or job hunting, students may miss great opportunities.

I also noticed that, like China, the U.S. is a country where personal connections play a very important role. The Chinese students don't have any connection or networks in the U.S. to help them so they have a disadvantage. Ms. Roraback helps overcome this disadvantage because she has many professional connections with education experts in the U.S. She even helped me talk to someone high up in the admissions office so that I understand better what they are seeking in applicants.

Ms. Roraback is a very warm-hearted person whose sincerity and meticulousness really touched me. If she doesn't know an answer to my question herself, she will ask a trustworthy professional friend of hers who is an expert to find the answers.

In brief, studying abroad is so important that every student should plan early. I wish potential students who have questions about school application or career planning will get advice and help from Ms. Roraback to same themselves from costly mistakes. I high recommend her mentorship.


Tian Zeng
MBA 2012, Southwest College, Kansas, U.S.A.


Tian Zeng

Tian Zeng has excellent grades and GMAT scores. He is in process of applying to Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, for a Master of Finance.