Our Mission

Fuja International Advisors, LLC, provides the pathway to successful U.S. acculturation, elite education, and global career opportunity.

At Fuja, we understand the tremendous sacrifices that families make to send their sons and daughters overseas to the U.S. for high school and university study. Our mission is to provide these dedicated, highly talented students with every opportunity to achieve their dreams and to make their families proud.

As experienced American educators, we are able to provide “ insider” guidance to international students who, no matter how talented and hardworking, face obstacles to academic and professional success in the U.S.

The often unexpected difficulties commonly faced by international students include: personal safety issues, culture shock, social isolation, difficulty making friendships and professional connections with Americans, lack of familiarity with the elite American university admissions process, and frustrated efforts to obtain internships and post-graduation professional positions.

Our team of highly experienced American educators work closely with our clients to work through these obstacle. We provide highly individualized assessment, a plan of action, and step-by-step guidance, to help students gain admission to elite U.S. universities, adjust to their new cultural environs, and achieve success in the global job market upon graduation.

We value cross-cultural interaction and believe that such educational experiences deepen our shared humanity and are expressed most highly through philanthropic efforts that cross borders.


Fuja International is dedicated to helping international students fully adjust to their new American school environment and achieve their greatest academic and professional potential.