What Makes Us Unique

The Nature of Our Services

Most educational agencies focus on getting their clients admitted to high school or college.  Although we assist with this process, our advising, tutoring, research, and planning services are available throughout your son’s or daughter’s education in the U.S., and even through the post-graduation career development stage.

Personalized Advice

We maintain a staff to student ratio of 1:10.   We strictly limit the number of clients we accept each academic year so that we can ensure the highest quality of assistance to students and their parents.


The senior staff at Fuja, Rosanne Roraback and Prof. Joseph Kinsella, and Brian Pfaff, have each worked in secondary and higher education for over twenty years.  Our tutoring staff have extensive, international experience teaching secondary school and university students.  They focus on improving each student’s academic writing skills.   This is the most important skill necessary for academic success at elite institutions of learning in the U.S.


Each of the team members at Fuja possesses extensive professional networks within education in the U.S.  We also have broad, international networks of former students who have gone on to successful careers worldwide.  We regularly utilize our network of expert colleagues to assist our students.


  • highly personalized service
  • experience
  • expertise
  • professional network
  • U.S. base of operations