Personal Safety

We hear from many parents that their child’s personal health and safety is their greatest worry. We understand. That is why Fuja provides personal safety training before your son or daughter even leaves home.

Unfortunately, violent crime is a worldwide reality. People traveling, studying, and living in a foreign country are particularly vulnerable. This is in part due to lack of familiarity with cultural norms and a foreign surroundings. Our natural survival instincts do not serve us as well in a foreign culture as they do in our “home” culture.

Whether your child will study in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, it is critically important that he or she pay close attention to personal safety. Unfortunately, young women are particularly at risk. At Fuja, we take a proactive approach to personal safety. Safety training begins during our family orientation, before the student even departs for the U.S.

In order to maximize our client’s safety, we train students to:

• Be aware and assertive
• Be cautious when socializing
• Make smart choices about where to live and travel in the U.S.

We understand that your child’s emotional health and physical safety is your greatest concern. We share your concern and make it our highest priority.